Training programms available in English

Mise à jour le   04/07/2024

training programs available in english


We offer a full program at the Master level (2nd year) open to English-speaking students, and an "english-friendly" labeled semester at the Bachelor level (spring semester, 2nd year) open to Erasmus+ students.


Master's degree in Computer Science: Interactive, Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (SIIA Master, 2nd year, 60 ects) :


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (2nd year, Spring semester, 30 ects)


The Computer Science BSc2, second semester (from January to end of May), is available in english (30 ECTS).

Training program:
Computer science courses entirely conducted in english (12 ECTS): 
- Computer Architectures and Operating Systems - 6 ECTS
- Fundamental Algorithmics, Graphs and Testing - 6 ECTS

Computer science courses with at least some documentation or course materials provided in english "english friendly courses" (12 ECTS):

- Server-side Web Development - 2 ECTS (+ labs/tutorials performed fully in english)
- Functional Programming - 6 ECTS
- Java Programming - 2 ECTS
- Logic - 2 ECTS

Non-disciplinary elective courses (choose 6 ECTS):
- English course - 2 ECTS
- French For Foreigners (FLE) course - 3 ECTS
- SEA-EU course english friendly - 2 ECTS
- Sport course english friendly - 2 ECTS
- Other choices should be discussed with the responsibles for the training program.