Managerial innovation at the forefront of Breton innovation

IAE Brest is part of the University of Western Brittany (UBO).

Since 2001, it has been training managers in the main functions of business administration such as finance, accounting, human resources, and marketing, information, and management control systems.


QUALICERT certified, IAE Brest is a member of the national IAE France network comprising 37 schools. This certification gives our graduates a competitive edge and establishes the reputation of our courses.

Our Identity

IAE works on a human scale, advocating for a management style that is efficient and respectful of all collaborators, and open to the diversity of people and practices.


Mutualism, social responsibility and sustainable development are at the heart of our research work and form the basis of our identity.




University Diplomas

(diplômes universitaires)



Our Difference: Commitment to Corporate and Social Responsibility (RSE)

IAE Brest is located at the tip of Brittany and positioned at the forefront of Breton innovation. Through its course content, it helps to develop “blue” managerial expertise, that is, the specific skills needed to build the Blue Economy. Through its research work and educational approaches, it positions itself as a school that is committed to “sustainably” informing the managerial professionals of the future.


IAE Brest has recently partnered with SEA-EU, a European alliance bringing together the maritime universities of Split, Kiel, Gdańsk, Cadix and Malta. The union of these maritime cities has led to the creation of an MBA on responsible, durable and sustainable management; this has allowed the school to contribute to changing management practices and to adopting different ways of thinking about the future.

Our Partners

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