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Applying for 3rd year of a Bachelor's degree and 2nd year of a Master Programme

Register on the "eCandidat" platform

Students who wish to study for all or part of their university degree at the IAE in Brest must apply on the "eCandidat " platform.

Applications are made in spring for the following September, according to the recruitment calendar.


Applying for the 1st year of a Master degree

Registering on the platform "Mon Master"

In 2023, the procedure for applying for a Master's degree will change. The Ministry of Higher Education and Research has set up a single platform, called "Mon Master", to consult and apply for all national Master's degree programmes.

This platform will be online and available for consultation from February 1st 2023. Applications for students wishing to enter a Master 1 will be possible from 22 March 2023.

Score SIM - IAE de Bretagne Occidentale - Brest

Take the SIM test (Score IAE-Message)


TTo apply to the IAE school of management in Brest for a Master's study programme, you need to pass an entrance exam called the Score IAE Message (SIM).  

For those applying for their 3rd year of bachelor-level studies in September 2023, the SIM entrance exam is no longer needed.


The assessment is held several times per year and is organised by the IAE France Network.

It measures candidates’ abilities in four fundamental areas for future managers:

  • General, economic and managerial knowledge and culture.
  • Written comprehension and expression in French.
  • Logical and numerical reasoning.
  • Written comprehension and expression in English.


Students can take the SIM test in the IAE of their choice.


But not everything rests on this one test! Academic grades and motivation are also assessed by course directors and taken into account during the candidate selection process. There may be different recruitment procedures depending on candidate experience and learning pathway, status and plans.


Visit the PREPMYFUTURE website to practice online.



Once your place has been confirmed, you will need to register on the UBO website. Click here to find out how to register.