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Écophysiologie des microalgues / Ecophysiology of microalgae

Etablissement : Université Bretagne Occidentale
Affectation de recherche : UMR6539 LEMAR-Laboratoire des sciences de l'environnement marin

Equipe(s) : Panorama
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Family name, First name: Lavaud, Johann
Date of birth: 08/11/1975 (45)
Gender: male
Nationality: French
Scopus : 7005438082 ; ORCID : 0000-0002-4704-2502 ; Publons/WOS : N-6185-2014 ;
Google Scholar ; Research Gate ; HAL.

2015 : Habilitation (HDR) in Marine Biology and Ecology, Univ. La Rochelle - France.
2002 : Ph.D. in Marine Biology, Univ. Paris 6 - France.
1998 : M.Sc. in Oceanography and Marine Biology and Ecology, Univ. Paris 6 - France.

2020 / ... : CNRS scientist, UMR 6539 LEMAR, Biology Dept, Univ. Brest - France
& Adjunct Professor, Biology Dept, Univ. Laval - Canada.

2015 / 20 : CNRS scientist UMI 3376 Takuvik & Adjunct Professor, Biology Dept, Univ. Laval.
2008 / 15 : CNRS scientist, UMR 7266 LIENSs, Biology Dept, Univ. La Rochelle - France.
2003 / 07 : Post-doc and Assistant Professor, Biology Dept, Univ. Konstanz - Germany.

2017 / 22 : PI and co-PI, Canada, $CAD744K; Canada First-Sentinelle Nord; NSERC Discovery & Northern supplement grants.
2010 / 19 : PI and co-PI, France, €483K; CPER-Littoral, Fondation de France, Région Poitou-Charentes, Campus France.
2006 / 12 : PI, Germany, €208K; DFG, DAAD, Land of Baden-Württemberg,.

2015 - 19 : Visiting scientist, 6 weeks total, Univ. Mount Allison, NB, Canada.
2014 :        Visiting scientist, 2 weeks total, Bioforsk institute, Bodo, Norway.
2012 / 13 : Visiting scientist, 1 month total, CESAM-Univ. of Aveiro, Portugal.
2010 :        Visiting scientist, 2 months, UQAM, Montréal, Qc, Canada.
2008 :        Visiting scientist, 1 month, AWI institute, Bremenhaven, Germany.
2004 / 05 : Visiting post-doc, 1 month total, Univ. Leipzig, Germany.
1999 / 00 : Visiting Ph.D. student, 1 month total, Suez-Ondeo facilities, Malaysia and China.
Shorter stays: Univ. Lisboa-Portugal (2008); Univ. Leipzig-Germany (2010); Stazione Zoologica Napoli-Italy (2010); Univ. Frankfurt-Germany (2011); Univ. Ghent-Belgium (2011, 14); Univ. Konstanz-Germany (2010, 15); UQAR-ISMER-Canada (2016); Univ. Nantes-France (2017): Univ. La Rochelle-France (2018).

2015 / … : 3 post-docs / 6 Ph.D. / 5 M.Sc. ; mainly Biology Dept, Univ. Laval - Canada.
2008 / 15 : 3 post-docs / 5 Ph.D. / 3 M.Sc. ; mainly Biology Dept, Univ. La Rochelle - France.
2003 / 07 : 2 Ph.D. / 1 M.Sc. ; Biology Dept, Univ. Konstanz - Germany.

2003 / 07 : Assistant Prof. ; Plant and algal physiology ; Biology Dept, Univ. Konstanz - Germany.
2001 / 03 : Teaching assistant; Plant and algal biology; Biology Dept, Univ. Paris 6 - France.

2021 / 23 : Member of the local organizing committee, 8th European Phycology Congress (France).
2018 : Member of the organizing committee, Int al symposium ‘Light and Biological rhythms in the North’ (Canada), 3 countries/20 participants/10 labs.
2016 : Organizer/co-chairman of a session ‘Ecophysiology of diatoms in stressful environments’, 24th Int al Diatom Symposium (Canada).
2012 : Organizer/co-chairman of a session ‘Ecophysiology of microphytobenthos’, 22th Int al Diatom Symposium (Belgium).
2011 : Member of the scientific committee, Int al symposium ‘Mudflat Ecology’ (France), 6 countries/56 participants/30 labs.
2007 : Main organiser, Regional (Germany) ‘24th ‘Photosynthesis Workshop’, 50 participants/7 labs.
2007 : Member of the organizing committee, Intal German-Japanese ‘Worshop on oxidative signaling in plants and algae’ (Germany), 4 countries/40 participants/17 labs.
2004 : Member of the organizing committee, European ‘Konstanz Diatom Meeting’ (Germany), 3 countries/30 participants/11 labs.

2021 / … : Co-responsible for two research axes at LEMAR lab: ‘Marine photosynthesis’ and ‘Marine polar science'.
2018 : Member of a delegation Sentinelle Nord-Univ. Laval during a collaborative visit to The Arctic Univ. of Norway (UiT) and the FRAM Center (Norway).
2013 / 15 : Responsible of a technical facility ‘Analysis of coastal primary producers and of their environment’, UMR 7266 LIENSs, Biology Dept, Univ. La Rochelle-France.
2013 / 15 : Elected member of the Scientific Council, UMR 7266 LIENSs.
2012 / 15 : Co-responsible for a team research axis, ‘Microbial processes in benthic and pelagic systems’, UMR 7266 LIENSs.

2020 / 23 : Nominated member of NSERC-Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada committee ‘Biological systems and functions’.
2007 / … : Reviewer and member of committee for 20 Ph.D. (France, Canada, Italy, Australia) and 15 M.Sc. (France, Canada) students.
2005 / … : Reviewer of 84 manuscripts for 37 major scientific journals including Science Adv., New Phytol., Limnol. & Oceanogr., Frontiers journals; see N-6185-2014.
2005 / … : Reviewer of 42 research proposals for 11 funding agencies in Europe and North America, including ANR-France, DFG-Germany, FNRS-Belgium, NSF-USA, NSERC-Canada.

-Joao Serodio, group of Phycology, CESAM/Univ. Aveiro, Portugal; on-going ISblue grant.
-Vona Méléder, ‘Mer, Molécules, Santé’ research unit, Univ. Nantes, France; on-going ISblue grant.
-Marcel Babin, UMI Takuvuk CNRS/ULaval, Univ. Laval, QC, Canada; on-going Canada First-Sentinel North grant.
-Doug Campbell, group of Phytoplankton Ecophysiology, Univ. Mount Allison, NB, Canada; on-going NSERC and EU-RISE grants.
-Angela Falciatore, group of Diatom genomics, Univ. Sorbonne, Paris, France; on-going Canada First-Sentinel North grant.
-David Hazlerigg, group of Arctic chronobiology and physiology, Arctic Univ. of Norway; on-going Canada First-Sentinel North grant.

2010 : Luigi Provasoli Award, Phycological Society of America, see J. Phycol. 46(6):1061.
2004 : ‘Marine Phytoplankton’ Award, Daniel Jouvance Marine Biology Dpt.
2003 : FEMS fellowship for attending the ‘3rd European Phycological Congress’.
2002 : Feldmann Award for the best Ph.D. work, French Phycological Society.
2001 : Research fellowship, French Academy of Sciences.
1988 / 01 : Ph.D. fellowship, French Ministry of Education, Research and Technology.


Peer-reviewed publications
I have a total 65 peer-reviewed scientific publications (+1 under review), including 3 reviews and 7 book chapters, with an average of > 5 publications/year during the last 6 years. Among this total, all but 1 were published in refereed international scientific journals indexed in ISI across domains as diverse as Arctic marine biology, Photobiology, Oceanography, Algal biology, Plant Physiology, Marine microbiology. I am the 1st or 2nd author of 1/3 of these publications, and the (co-)supervising (last and before last) author of another 1/3. Of the ISI-indexed 59 publications, journal’s IF ranged from 1.7 to 12.1 (mean IF 4.1). According to Scopus, number of total citations on my publications in Mars 2021 is 1994 and h-index is 24 excluding self-citations and citations of book chapters (according to Google Scholar 3581 citations, h-index 31), including 6 publications > 100 citations and 6 additional publications > 50 citations.
In 2010, I received with my co-authors the Luigi Provasoli Award from the Phycological Society of America for the best article published in Journal of Phycolology 2009, J. Phycol. 46(6):1061.
Finally, I am curently guest-editing one book ‘Diatom Photosynthesis: From Primary Production to High Value Molecules’ (Wiley-Scrinever), and two special issues: 1) ‘Photosynthesis in Aquatic Environment’ for Frontiers in Plant Science, and 2) ‘Polar marine primary producers: adaptations and challenges’ for the new MDPI journal Oceans.

List of 10 recent representative publications :

-Croteau D., Guérin S., Bruyant F., Ferland J., Campbell D.A., Babin M. & Lavaud J. (2021) Contrasting nonphotochemical quenching patterns under high light and darkness aligns with light niche occupancy in Arctic diatoms. Limnology & Oceanography, 66:S231-S245.
-Barnett A., Méléder V., Dupuy C. & Lavaud J. (2020) The vertical migratory rhythm of intertidal microphytobenthos in sediment depends on the light photoperiod, intensity and spectrum:evidence for a positive effect of blue wavelengths. Frontiers in Marine Science, 7:520.
-Morin P.-I., Lacour T., Grondin P.-L., Bruyant F., Ferland J., Forget M.-H., Donaher N., Campbell D.A., Lavaud J. & Babin M. (2020) Response of the sea-ice diatom Fragilariopsis cylindrus to simulated polar winter darkness and spring-like return to light. Limnology & Oceanography, 65:1045-1059.
-Lacour T., Babin M. & Lavaud J. (2020) Diversity of xanthophyll cycle pigments content and related non-photochemical quenching (NPQ) among microalgae: implications for growth strategy and ecology. J. Phycology, 56:245-263.
-Masicotte P., (…), Lavaud J., (…), Babin M (˃100 authors). Green Edge ice camp campaigns: understanding the processes controlling the under-ice Arctic phytoplankton spring bloom. Earth System Science Data, essd-2019-160.
-Buck J., Sherman J., Rio Bartulos C., Serif M., Halder M., Henkel J., Falciatore A., Lavaud J., Gorbunov M., Kroth P.G., Falkowski P.G. & Lepetit B. (2019) Lhcx proteins provide photoprotection via thermal dissipation of absorbed light energy in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum. Nature Communications, 10:4167.
-Lacour T., Larivière J., Ferland J., Bruyant F., Lavaud J. & Babin M. (2018) The role of sustained photoprotective non-photochemical quenching in low temperature and high light acclimation in the bloom-forming Arctic diatom Thalassiosira gravida. Frontiers in Marine Science, 5:354.
-Lepetit B., Gélin G., Lepetit M., Sturm S., Vugrinec S., Rogato A., Kroth P.G., Falciatore A. & Lavaud J. (2017) The diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum adjusts NPQ capacity in response to dynamic light via fine-tuned Lhcx and xanthophyll cycle pigment synthesis. New Phytologist, 214:205-2018.
-Laviale M., Barnett A., Ezequiel J., Lepetit B., Frankenbach S., Méléder V., Serodio J. & Lavaud J. (2015) Response of intertidal benthic microalgal biofilms to a coupled ligh-temperature stress: evidence for latitudinal adaptation along the Atlantic coast of Southern Europe. Environmental Microbiology, 17:3662-3677.
-Barnett A., Méléder V., Blommaert L., Lepetit B., Gaudin P., Vyverman W., Sabbe K., Dupuy C. & Lavaud J. (2015) Growth form defines physiological photoprotective capacity in intertidal benthic diatoms. ISME Journal, 9:39-45.

Scientific presentations in congresses
I gave 30 talks (+6 posters) including 27 in international congresses/workshops among which 1 key note lecture and 13 as invited speaker, 22 seminars in Universities across Europe and North America. Since 2005, the students and post-docs I (co-)supervised gave 51 presentations (talks and posters) in (inter-)national congresses harvesting 2 prizes for the best student presentation.

List of representative invited talks :
- Keynote speaker, Gordon Research Conference on Polar Marine Science, Barga, Italy (2019-03).
- Invited speaker, 1st Sentinel North Annual Scientific Meeting, Québec-city, Canada (2017).
- Invited speaker, Int. Symp. ‘Trophic significance of biofilm in tidal flats’, La Rochelle, France (2011).
- Keynote speaker, 58th Annual Meeting of the British Phycological Society, Oban, Scotland (2010).
- Keynote speaker, AquaFluo Aquatic Science Int. Meeting, Nove Hrady, Czech Republic (2007).