Conférence d'Alexandra BENCHOUA Directrice de recherche chez CECS ISTEM


Contribution of human pluripotent stem cells as model neurodevelopmental disorders

Conference IBSAM

Jeudi 21 Novembre 2019

Amphitheatre E de la Faculte des Sciences 14h30-15h45

Dr, Alexandra Benchoua is the Head of the ''Neuroplasticity and Therapeutics" group at the Institute of Stem cells for the Treatment and the Exploration of Ivionogenic Diseases fl-stem) at Evry, France. Her group develops cutting edge, patient derived, stern cell technologies to study the physiopatholou of neurodevelopniental disorders and speed-up the processes of drug discovery and treatment validation_ Her group currently leads drug discovery programs for Autism Spectrum Disorders, LeRch-Nyha.n's disease and Dystrophinopathies., in partnership with pharmaceutical groups and biotechnology/ companies.

Contribution of human pluripotent stem cells as model of neurodevelopmenta disorders

The unavailability of live patient neurons for research has represented a major obstacle in the elucidation of the etiology of neurodevelopmental diseases and the discovery of efficient treatments. Reprogramming somatic cells into induced-embryonic. like- pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) provides unprecedented opportunities in generating human neuronal models of these diseases compatible with extensive in vitro studies, This presentation will consider the potential of human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells for modeling neurological disorders of developmental origin and as a cellular platform for preclinical drug discovery and optimization.



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